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Useful links

Down below can you find various links for both information and entertainment. What are the opening hours for the restaurant you plan to visit? When does Gustavsviksbadet opens on a Sunday? How many seats are there in Conventums Great Hall? Hopefully, you will find the answers to your question with the help of our collection of links below. 


An Indian restaurant that will send you on a culinary experiance out of the ordinary!

Brasserie Rendez-Vous
A brasserie is a French bistro serving traditional rustic French cuisine in a casual setting.

Södra Vattentornet
This restaurant is located in a modern glass house. The decour is a combination of Södra Vattentornets classic natural stone and a lot of black and red colors. The result, a comforting, classy and natural impression. During summer the tower also offers afterbeach and singalong for those who are interested!

A japanease restaurant which serves first class food!

Ågatan 3
A classical restaurant.

An Italian restaurant.

Restaurang och konferens 4e våningen
A restaurant that can offer both food and conferences in a different exciting environment

Entertainment / Activities

The largest indoor water park in Sweden, you don´t want to miss this!

Hjalmar revyn
Hjalmar on new adventures.

Örebro Kompaniet
What´s up in Örebro?

Lek & Bus
Lek & Bus... Europe´s largest indoor playground. Something for the kids!

Gustavsviks GK
A golf course just 12 minutes outside the city

Mosjö GK
Another golf course at Mosjö Golf & Country Club, just 15 minutes outside the city.

Conference / Exhibitions

The conference center in Örebro. Newly built and very popular!

Restaurang och konferens 4e våningen
A restaurant that can offer both food and conferences in a different exciting environment.

About the city Örebro

Örebro stad
From the municipality's own website, you can find a lot of interesting information!

Nerikes Allehanda
Örebro´s morning paper.
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