City Hotel Örebro

Our Environmental work

In 2012 City Hotel Örebro became an approved hotel by the Nordic Ecolabel for the first time and in 2015 we were approved under the new, stricter requirements.

We see the Nordic Ecolabel as a natural partner as it gives us the right tools of how to conduct a structured environmental work and how to reduce the environmental impact.

This is what we do every day for you and for our environment:
- We are using eco-labeled products when cleaning.
- All the dishes and laundry is done with eco-labeled products. Even our cleaning company is a Nordic Ecolabel approved company.
- We are constantly working towards set targets within the business.
- Our breakfast buffet features many homemade choices on locally produced
and Swedish ingredients. Do not miss our homemade licorice and raspberry jam!

Would you like to know more about our environmental work? Welcome to ask us!

If you want to know more about what is required of a hotel in order to be approved by the Nordic
Ecolabel, please visit the website and read more.
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